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Honeycam is a paid software that requires registration. Without the registration, Honeycam can’t record a video for more than 10 seconds, and will add the Honeycam’s logo on the result as a watermark.

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許可證 價格 購買 支付
1-PC $26
2-PC $39
$52, 24% OFF
使用額外設備(例如,家庭+辦公室,台式電腦+筆記本電腦)將需要購買“2-PC許可證”。 » Learn more

If you use UnionPay for payment, final approval of the payment and sending the product key may take more than 24 hours. Please note this when choosing your payment method.




When you complete your payment, your Honeycam license information (including its product key) will be sent to your email.