Honeycam Beta

Download Honeycam Beta 4.0b19

Download Honeycam beta (v4.0b19)  

Honeycam 4.0b19 Beta(2021/11/25) Update information

  • Fixed bugs that animations are played a bit slow on the Edit tab.
  • New feature: Collage
  • You can make a collage easily by dropping videos or GIFs. Show the help page

  • The method to show current frame on the Edit tab has been rolled back to that of v3.X.(beta 18)
  • Fixed bugs that artificial blocks or lines occasionally appear when saving as WebP. (beta 17)
  • - In the previous versions, there was a problem that the change in the dark area of the image could not be reflected correctly, and this has been fixed.

    - With the image quality value(Q) is about 50-60, you can create animated WebPs with sufficient quality.

    Image quality value(Q: 30) (Top: previous versions, Bottom: beta 17)

  • Added a new feature: Bandi Color Compress(beta 15)
  • Make extra small files when saving as WEBP, MP4, WEBM, and AVIF. (5 to 20% smaller)

    Specifically, it works well for converting GIFs into WebP, MP4, or WebM files.

    (In some rare cases, however, the saved file size may increase within 2-5% compared to the previous version when the quality(Q) value is greater than 70.)

  • GIF/WebP or video files can be inserted in the Insert Tab.
  • You can insert many animation files and play them at the same time.

  • Processing speed has improved when you handling videos with more than 1000 frames.
  • Added support for loading MKV files.
  • A New Filter Effect: Monotone
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements