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WebP (pronounced as "weppy") is an image format developed by Google.

Copyright(C) Google

The WebP format has been developed to replace the conventional image formats including GIF, JPG, and PNG commonly used on the World Wide Web.

The greatest advantage of the WebP is that a WebP image has a much smaller file size when it compares to images in other formats with the same quality.

For example, the file size of a WebP image is 25-34% smaller than that of a JPG image of the same content and 26% (60-70% if lossy compression used) smaller than that of a PNG image.

Especially in the case of an animated image file, converting a GIF image to a WebP image reduces the file size by half while the image quality is preserved.

Most web browsers including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari are compatible with the WebP format.And it is believed that the format will become more and more widespread across the whole electronic world.