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Your Registration of Honeycam has been made successfully.

Please check the information below about Honeycam license policy:

Honeycam license has no expiration date; you’re able to use the product permanently once the purchase has been made, unless there is any violation of the following license policy:

With a “1-PC license” you may only register one product on one device.

  • Using an additional device (e.g. Home & Office, Desktop & Laptop) requires a “2-PC license.”
  • To register your product on another device, you must uninstall the licensed product from the previous device.
  • If your device is no longer accessible due to failure or malfunction, however, you may register the product on a new device without uninstallation of the licensed product.
  • An inappropriate license assignment may lead to loss of your license.

For more information about Honeycam license policy, visit the link below.
Help » Honeycam License Policy

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