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How to make LINE sticker(how to make APNG)

You can make LINE sticker(or save APNG) so easily with Honeycam.

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1. First, bring image files into Honeycam. Just drop them into Honeycam if they are animated GIF or WebP files

Check here how to bring many images into Honeycam.

2. With Honeycam, it is so easy to insert texts, to make borders and to make round borders

How to make corners round
How to make borders

Click the Insert button if you want to insert texts or chat bubbles. For making border and round corners, click the Photoframe button.

3. Once editing is done, click Save button and select APNG for the output file format.

4. After adjusting quality and other options, just click the Save button and done!

APNG will be save using optimized 256 colos for default options.

If you don't change the repeat option, the saved animation PNG will repeat forever.