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How to make summarized GIF/WebP from a short video(MP4/Youtube)

How to make summarized GIF/WebP from a short video(MP4/Youtube)

You can make a summarized GIF/WebP/MP4 from a short video or Youtube using the Video Summary feature of Honeycam.


We'll show you how to summarize a short youtube game trailer into an animated GIF/WebP. The Video Summary feature can be also used for making highlights of sports, news, and company advertising videos.

1. Open a video file that you want to summarize. You can drop MP4 into Honeycam or choose Edit button in the start screen.(If the video's play time is longer than 5 minutes, loading time could take a while.)

If you don't have MP4 file, you can record video or Youtube by Honeycam's recording screen feature. Check here to see how to record video/Youtube.

2. Once you open a file, the edit screen will appear. Just click Video Summary button.

3. Adjust options to summarsize video.

Total frames and play time after summarization will be shown. You can make the result more compact by increasing Video Summary Value. We recommend that you set the value from 40 to 60.

[Limit time per frame] option keep one frame from playing too long. We recommend that you set the value from 0.3 to 0.5 second.

If you choose [Keep total play time] option, the total play time will be the same unless you enable [Limit time per frame] option.

When you summarize a video, the result will have only important frames and their play time will be increased. If you choose [Scale down frame time] option, you can scale down the play time of each result frames. We recommend that you set this value from 0.1 to 0.5 and use with the option [Limit time per frame].

4. Once it's done, cick OK button below and Click Save button in the Edit screen.

The summarized GIF/WebP has been summarized into 148 frames and 37 seconds of play time from the original video of 160 seconds.

The result of Video Summary: WebP 2.09MB, GIF 9.18MB