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How to make GIF/WebP file size smaller

Having trouble uploading GIF/WebP because of its file size? No more trouble with Honeycam!

You can make GIF/WebP file size smaller so easily using Honeycam.

Here it will be shown how to down-size 10MB GIF into 2MB GIF.(Just saving as WebP will save you a lot.)

Copyright(C) Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

Orignial GIF is too big to post here so it is shown as a bit downgraded video here.(You can, however, download the original 10MB GIF here.)

1. Drop a GIF/WebP file on Honeycam. And Click Svae button below.

2. Adjust quality, frames/sec, resize image options. You can preview the output file size before you save it.

Firstly, you'd better set the quality around 80 and frames/sec under 20. Even if you set those values more higher, the output file size will be even bigger with not much gain in quality of GIF/WebP/MP4.

Please keep in mind, however, that the output file size could be very dependent on the source GIF/WebP/MP4.(You might not get 2MB GIF even if you follow these because the output size will be dependent on your source GIF/WebP.)

You can make even smaller if you save it as WebP.(436KB)

3. Once you're done just click Save button!

Here the file size of the output GIF is 2MB and that of WebP is 437KB

(Please keep in mind again that you might not get the same result since it highly depends on the source GIF/WebP.)

GIF 2MB(2,043KB): Quality 60%, FPS: 9, Image scale: 70%

Image will not shown if the browser doesn't support WebP!
WebP 437KB: Quality 60%, FPS: 9, Image scale: 70%